Virago Spirits Ruby Port Cask Finished Rum

Ruby port cask finished Rum

Tasting Notes

The first in a series of cask-finished products, this expression of Virago offers an intriguingly delicious re-interpretation of our flagship Four-Port Rum. Having spent months in freshly-emptied casks of ruby port from Portugal’s Douro Valley, this spirit exudes an earthy depth, featuring layered notes of campfire, brown sugar, black cherry, pipe tobacco and leather with a finishing hint of candied almond.


Virago Four-Port Rum finished in Ruby Port Cask is a distinct blend of pot- and column-distilled rums from four ‘ports’ across the Caribbean:

  • Barbados, 8-year-old rum, pot and column distilled

  • Jamaica, 4-year-old rum, pot distilled

  • Nicaragua, 5-8-year-old rum, column distilled

  • Panama, 6-year-old rum, column distilled


Fruity: fig, dried plum, and black cherry
Sugar: brown sugar, toasted marshmallow
Wood: campfire, pipe tobacco, and leather
Spice: Jamaican funk, winter spice, candied almond


2019 SIP Awards

  • Gold Medal

2019 London Spirits Competition

  • Rum of the Year

2019 American Distilling Institute (ADI)
Judging of Craft Spirits

  • Gold Medal

2019 World Beverage Competition

  • Platinum Medal / "Best of Show"

Ruby Port Cask-Finished Rum is only available through the Distillery store.