Our production philosophy blends a deep respect for time-honored, traditional production techniques with New World creativity, ingenuity and innovation. We distill our spirits on a vintage, direct-fire, 2,500-liter Charentais-style alembic still – one of only a few operating in the United States. The process is laborious and slow and requires significant patience, skill and attention-to-detail. The results, however, are spirits and liqueurs of uncompromising quality, balance and depth of flavor.


"As people, we promote character. 
As a company, we produce
Character, Distilled."


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Tasting Notes: Virago Four-Port Rum is a distinct blend of pot- and column-distilled rums from four ‘ports’ across the Caribbean:

  • Barbados, 8-year-old rum, pot and column distilled

  • Jamaica, 4-year-old rum, pot distilled

  • Nicaragua, 5-8-year-old rum, column distilled

  • Panama, 6-year-old rum, column distilled

Wonderfully complex and bold, Virago Four-Port Rum opens with notes of vanilla and spice, leading to cascading waves of fig, dried coconut, and crème brûlée, culminating in a pleasantly lingering, smoky finish.


2019 SIP Awards

  • Gold Medal

2019 American Distilling Institute (ADI)
Judging of Craft Spirits

  • Double Gold

  • Best of Class

  • Best of Category

2019 World Beverage Competition

  • Gold Medal


Who We are

Virago Spirits is all about character. Inspired by the Virago, a heroic woman of great strength, courage, determination, and integrity, we work to infuse those very characteristics into everything we do and all that we make.

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