Four-Port Rum

Tasting Notes

Virago Four-Port Rum is a distinct blend of pot- and column-distilled rums from four ‘ports’ across the Caribbean:

  • Barbados, 8-year-old rum, pot and column distilled
  • Jamaica, 4-year-old rum, pot distilled
  • Nicaragua, 5-8-year-old rum, column distilled
  • Panama, 6-year-old rum, column distilled

Wonderfully complex & bold, Virago Four-Port Rum opens with notes of vanilla & spice, leading to cascading waves of fig, dried coconut, & crème brûlée, culminating in a pleasantly lingering, smoky finish.


Fruity: fig, pineapple and dried fruits
Sugar: brown sugar, caramel/crème brûlée
Wood: vanilla, leather
Spice: peppercorn,  Jamaican funk
Citrus: candied orange peel


Virago Four-Port Rum is a blend of pot- and column-distilled rums, aged up to 8 years, from Barbados, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Panama. A premium, aged blend, Virago Four-Port Rum harmoniously balances the bold spice and earthy funk of British-style rums with the softer, more seductive profile of Spanish-style rums.